Note: A representative can call free of charge and without obligation to discuss queries relating to site, cost etc.

(1) What kind of access do you require?

(A) Our truck is roughly the size of an oil lorry; we need to be able to park this within a reasonable distance of your site. Generally if a wheel barrow can be used between the truck and site without any major obstacles (steps, inclines, narrow points – 650mm) we should be able to install your building.


(2) Do you lay a damp proof membrane down under concrete base?

(A) Yes.


(3) Must I do my own base?

(A) No. Barna Buildings do offer a full base laying service. If doing yourself its essential you obtain exact dimensions and base specifications from Barna Buildings.


(4) Should I make my base larger than the building dimensions?

(A) No. Our preference is the base being raised slightly from the surrounding area and the same dimensions as the building.


(5) I would prefer the walls to stand in a rebate at the edge of the base is this possible?

(A) Absolutely, when Barna Buildings install a base it is always with a rebated perimeter.


(6) How do I check if my base is square?

(A) The easiest way is to get a long tape and measure the diagonals of the base, they should be the equal. Alternatively measure out a 3-4-5 triangle as per sketch.

log Cabin Calculation

(7) Do I require planning permission?

(A) The general rule is any building under 25msq to the side or rear of your house does not require planning permission.


(8) Your walls seem thicker than your competitors do you use steel reinforcing as opposed to nylon fibres?

(A) Yes. High tensile 8mm serrated bars are used with steel wire mesh leaving a very sturdy wall section.


(9) You have a crushed aggregate exterior finish can I have a plain concrete nap finish?

(A) Yes. We will require a 25% deposit when placing your order, and then we can manufacture your sections separately.


(10) I don’t like the idea of soft foam between the sections what do you use?

(A) We prefer to use a timber fillet (wedge) in this cavity. It’s far more durable and can facilitate dry lining.


(11) I live in a very exposed area, your roof trusses look very sturdy, how many will come with my building?

(A) It may vary slightly but we aim to use 30" centres between roof trusses, you simply won’t have roof trouble with a Barna Concrete building.


(12) Is the PVC window double glazed?

(A) Yes an opening double glazed window - 1000mm(w) x 900mm(h) with reveal surround. There is also a smaller window of 500mm x 900mm.


(13) For security reasons, I’d prefer no window but would like some natural light is this possible?

(A) You have no alternatives with the classic range, however with the standard range you can opt for some clear translucent roof sheets. This works very well.


(14) Are your pressure treated timber clad doors on a full surround steel frame?

(A) Yes.


(15) How close to a corner can I have a window or door positioned?

(A) One section 500mm


(16) What is onduline?

(A) Onduline is an extremely tough, lightweight, black corrugated roofing material manufactured from bitumen – saturated organic fibres under intense pressure and heat.


(17) Do you felt underlay your steel tile effect roof sheeting?

(A) Yes


(18) You include gutters and down pipes on your classic range, however I have no drain for this water, I would prefer no gutters and allow the water dissipate over the full length of the building, is this possible?

(A) Yes. The material costs can be taken from the overall price.


(19) Can I have a roller door fitted in the side wall?

(A) There is simply not enough room, however with the standard range a double door can be situated on the side wall with no difficulty.


(20) With your standard range, from what size are double doors included?

(A) From size 5m x 3m (16’ x 10’) and upwards.


(21) Can I have my concrete building with PA door fitted only?

(A) Yes


(22) What form of payment is accepted?

(A) Cheque, cash, bank draft or laser. However Visa is taken only for deposits.


(23) How long from site survey & time of order to construction?

(A) Usually we can install a base 2-3 weeks from site survey and construct the building a few days later.


(24) How long does it take to construct a building?

(A) In most situations the building is completed in one day.


(25) What areas do you deliver to?

(A) 80 miles from the Dublin area is a guide line, however other areas may incur a nominal delivery charge.